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Meet Cristian Ramirez, a remarkable student entering his senior year at Arrupe Jesuit High School. His story provides a glimpse into the life of a young man determined to make a difference in the Arrupe Jesuit community and is inspired by the values instilled by his parents.

Isabelle Trujillo, an inspiring alumna of Arrupe Jesuit High School, embodies the values of resilience, community, and lifelong learning. Raised in the Denver metro area, Isabelle attended middle school at St. Pius X in Aurora, Colorado. Her journey began through the influence of another family whose children attended Arrupe and the recruitment efforts of Mrs. Orozco. Isabelle’s family prioritized Catholic education, combined with the unique opportunity of the Corporate Work Study Program, made it an ideal choice. After interviewing with faculty and staff, Isabelle felt a deep connection to the school, recognizing it as a place where she could thrive both personally and professionally.

At Arrupe Jesuit High School, we are blessed with a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who go above and beyond to support our students. One such individual is Maria Orozco, our extraordinary Director of Admissions. With a heart full of empathy and a dedication to fostering a nurturing environment, Maria has been an invaluable asset to our community for the past decade.

At Arrupe Jesuit High School, our community thrives thanks to the dedication and passion of remarkable individuals like Kelly Thomas, our Associate Director of Philanthropy. With a vibrant spirit and a heart full of commitment, Kelly has been a cornerstone of our community for the past ten years, driving initiatives that connect donors and students while embodying the values of Jesuit education.

The Pedro Arrupe Writing Challenge at Arrupe Jesuit High School provides students a platform to express personal values and beliefs through writing, fostering self-reflection and exploration of their Jesuit Catholic education's influence. This year, a record number of students participated, highlighting growing engagement within the student body. Supported by the Zimmerman Family Foundation, PAWC offers prizes and scholarships to top winners, enhancing opportunities for student growth and development. The annual celebration during the Spring semester honors student achievement and community support, reinforcing the importance of unity within our school. Congratulations to the winners, and heartfelt thanks to all who contribute to the success of PAWC at Arrupe Jesuit!

In our latest edition of the Arrupe Jesuit Staff Spotlight, we introduce you to Mike Lovinguth, our dedicated Assistant Principal for Student Services. Mike's journey originates in Ballwin, a town near St. Louis, where he attended St. Louis University High School. Following his passion, Mike pursued his undergraduate degree at Truman State University, where he majored in English & Art. He then continued his educational journey at THE Ohio State University, focusing on Sport Management at the graduate level.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is thrilled to announce that the Colorado Department of Education has approved and awarded Arrupe Jesuit with the Seal of Biliteracy. This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our Spanish department, who have worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone.

The Daniels Fund announced its 2024 class of Daniels Scholarship Program recipients. Arrupe Jesuit High School is proud and excited to announce that 5 of our seniors have been awarded the Daniels Scholarship, making Arrupe Jesuit the school with the second most recipients from a single institution. Overall, 209 high school seniors across the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming were selected as 2024 Daniels Scholars, including 144 students from Colorado.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is thrilled to announce that Emily Glenn will be the next principal and will begin this summer. With a rich background deeply rooted in Jesuit education, Emily brings a wealth of experience, passion, and a profound commitment to nurturing the holistic development of each student under her care.

In the latest edition of the Arrupe Faculty Spotlight, we are excited to feature John Micich, an educator who has passionately shaped young minds at Arrupe Jesuit. With his infectious enthusiasm and a knack for adding humor to every encounter, John continues to serve as a guiding light, nurturing students' intellects and spirits with his wisdom and warmth.

Patty Moncada's path as an educator at Arrupe Jesuit High School speaks volumes about her unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to empowering students. Patty grew up in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, and her journey into the education field began at Regis University, where she pursued both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Immersed in a diverse array of academic pursuits, Patty majored in Studio Art with minors in Anthropology and French, setting the stage for her multifaceted career in education.

At Arrupe Jesuit High School, we enjoy shining a much deserved spotlight on those who not only bring expertise to the community but also possess unique experiences that will resonate with the students. One such staff member is Jillian Salazar, the Training & Education Coordinator in CWSP (Corporate Work Study Program), and co-moderator of Student Government. In this Arrupe Jesuit spotlight, we delve into Jillian's life, her path to education, and the impactful moments that have shaped her into the inspirational individual she is today.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is excited to announce the commencement of the second year of its groundbreaking dual enrollment Innovation and Entrepreneurship course. This unique program, offered in partnership with Regis University's Innovation Center and supported by the Anderson College of Business and Computing, presents an unparalleled opportunity for Arrupe Jesuit seniors to earn college credit while delving into the world of entrepreneurship.

Janeaya Ramos' journey from Denver to Santa Clara University is a testament to her years of hard work and her dedication to pursue higher Jesuit education. Born and raised in Colorado, Janeaya’s journey to Arrupe Jesuit was a decision that was influenced by her aunt’s own inspiring success story as an Arrupe Jesuit graduate. This pivotal choice was guided by her aspirations to excel academically and professionally, setting her sights on out-of-state colleges and a future shaped by opportunities.

We are thrilled to share the success of Arrupe Jesuit High School's first family gala, ¡VIVA Arrupe! 140 members gathered to celebrate Arrupe’s 20th year and the Lead the Way Capital Campaign.

Special thanks to donors and event leaders: La Despensa Latina, Tortilleria Cuauhtemoc, Rancho Diamante Negro, Annie Vianney Colorado, Families Togher, Mrs. Estefany Socarro, Ms. Sylvette Rivera, and Ms. Jamie Loeffl.

Kudos to contributors and volunteers for making ¡VIVA Arrupe! a resounding success! Your commitment lays the foundation for continued growth and prosperity.

At Arrupe Jesuit High School we wanted to celebrate the remarkable journey of Samantha Cordova, an Arrupe alumna whose dedication and post-graduate achievements have shaped her into an inspiring leader and dedicated servant of the community. Samantha is also a graduate of Loyola University Chicago where she studied Health Systems Management, Boston University School of Public Health where she earned a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management and Uniformed Services University where she earned a degree in Health Services.

Arrupe Jesuit High School's Sponsor-A-Student program recently celebrated a remarkable milestone with a breakfast event that brought together sponsors, students, and a collective spirit of giving back to the community.

Arrupe presented Brenda with new challenges, including adjusting to a college-prep curriculum, managing a rigorous workload of projects and exams, and adhering to a strict dress code. Brenda's early Corporate Work Study Program work experiences at the University of Colorado Hospital and later at Plante Moran, an accounting firm, further shaped her career interests and provided valuable insights into what she was truly passionate about.

Join us in celebrating Mileidy Duran, as we delve into the incredible journey of a remarkable Arrupe Jesuit High School alumna and her path of gratitude, resilience, and fulfillment. This is a testament to the profound impact that education has in sculpting truly exceptional individuals and Milediy's own journey in becoming a woman for others.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is immensely proud to shine a spotlight on one of our remarkable alumni, Gabrielle Martinez. Her journey from her early education to her current career is a testament to the transformative power of determination, education, and seizing opportunities

Your journey to finding the perfect high school for your child can be a thrilling and sometimes overwhelming experience. At Arrupe Jesuit High School, we understand the importance of making an informed decision. Our Open House event offers the perfect opportunity to explore our unique approach to education and the vibrant community that defines Arrupe. To ensure a successful and rewarding visit, here are the top five things you should do when attending our Open House.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is not just a place of education; it's a place where lives are transformed, where teachers become mentors, and where students find inspiration to reach for their dreams. Today, we are privileged to shine a spotlight on one of our remarkable faculty members, Alexis Medina, a person whose journey to Arrupe mirrors the very spirit of our institution – a spirit of service, dedication, and compassion.

At Arrupe High School, we take immense pride in our alumni and their achievements. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our remarkable graduates, Nestor, whose journey from his vibrant Denver neighborhoods to a fulfilling career as a school social worker has been nothing short of inspiring.

Here at Arrupe High School, we are blessed with a faculty that is not only dedicated but also deeply passionate about our mission to nurture the hearts and minds of our students. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our extraordinary educators who has been an integral part of our community for five years now - Valerie Sarracino, our Spanish teacher and Department Chair.

Arrupe Jesuit High School takes pride in the remarkable individuals who contribute to this vibrant learning community. Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Mark Ladd, a devoted teacher and coach who has been a cherished member of the Arrupe community and family for eight years. His journey from the Southside of Chicago to Arrupe, via Saint Louis University, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to education, athletics, and the holistic development of young minds at Arrupe.

Despite the remarkable achievements of our students over the last 20 years, Arrupe Jesuit has reached a moment of reckoning. In late 2018, school leadership and the Board of Trustees embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process to guide the school’s focus and allow for the fullest expression of the school’s mission.

As we reflect on the past 20 years at Arrupe Jesuit High School, there are stories of remarkable individuals who have emerged from the halls of Utica street,  armed with knowledge, character, and an unyielding spirit. Among these exceptional alumni stands Omar, a testament to the transformative power of education and the nurturing environment Arrupe provides.

In the bustling city of Snohomish, Washington, a small town just north of Seattle, Chris embarked on a journey that would shape his passion for education and service. Growing up on his father's farm, he learned the value of hard work and the beauty of nature. Little did he know that these early experiences would lay the foundation for his future endeavors in education.

Happy feast day! Today  we celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. As we look forward to the school year to come, let us call upon St. Ignatius’s intercession and the intercession of all the saints to guide, protect, and inspire our community.

"Leprino has always encouraged me to pursue further education and strive for more. They see potential in us that we might not see in ourselves."

“I’m so excited to be returning to Arrupe, which has always been close to my heart! I am humbled to be walking in the footsteps of many great Jesuits, and I look forward to all the blessings God has in store in the year to come.” Fr. Hotop, SJ

"In my opinion, our partnership yields more benefits for us than it does for you. Your students serve as an inspiration for our team, as they represent our community and are a valuable investment."

The students from Arrupe Jesuit High School, having completed the innovation and entrepreneurship course for college credit, were invited by Google to embark on an extraordinary adventure.

As far as events go at Arrupe, it’s difficult to have a favorite, but we recently hosted one of the most special events of the year known as Senior Community Day.

This year's PAWC was an enormous success, with many outstanding submissions from students in all grades.

Ty Smith is a remarkable faculty member at Arrupe Jesuit High School, with a passion for education and a dedication to his students' growth and development.

Arrupe Jesuit launches its first ever cheer program. Coach Mandi Lopez brings her winning experience and passion for cheerleading to AJHS.

As a proud alumna of Arrupe Jesuit High School, I often reflect on how my experience at this incredible school has shaped my life and career.

We are ecstatic to announce that ten of our seniors have been awarded the prestigious Daniels Scholarship, making Arrupe Jesuit the school with the most recipients from a single institution.

Estefany's journey to becoming a faculty member at her alma mater is one that's been shaped by her experiences growing up, studying at Regis University, and working in various positions before ultimately finding her calling in education.

Looking back, Veronica is grateful she chose to attend Arrupe Jesuit High School as her experience played a vital role in her success today.

One of the many talented staff members we would like to spotlight is Vianney Rodriguez, the Director of Operations for the Corporate Work Study Program.

Arrupe Jesuit High School and Regis University Announce Partnership to Offer Entrepreneurial Innovation Class for College Credit And Will Host Pitch Event At the University

Arrupe Jesuit High School has been chosen as the 9News Cool School for the month of February!

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Arrupe Jesuit alumna, Alejandra Luna (2007).

Citlalith Medrano, Class of 2017, is currently an Admissions Counselor at her alma mater and we couldn't be more proud. Read on to learn how Arrupe contributed to her success after graduation.

Our greatest joy at Arrupe is to discover what our students achieve after graduation. Here, we'd like to highlight Selena, class of 2012, who is currently the Director of Internal Communications at Denver Public Schools.

Arrupe Jesuit High School is excited to announce its new Director of Athletics and Activities, Thomas McCarty. Mr. McCarty comes to our community with nearly every level of experience in Denver Catholic athletics — as an athlete, coach, administrator and referee! He will begin his position at Arrupe Jesuit on September 1, 2022.

Arrupe Jesuit Principal, Fr. John Nugent, Shares his experiences with Jesuit education and the lasting impressions that still guide his approach today. “At Arrupe Jesuit, I am able to utilize what I feel are my greatest gifts in service of those who deserve great opportunities but cannot always access them,” he said. “My Catholic and Jesuit education has taught me that where there is greater need, that is where I need to be.”