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Frequently Asked Questions


Will these students be trained before they come to our office?

Yes. the Arrupe Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) trains students in areas that include:

  • Dale Carnegie - communication & relationship building
  • Basic computer skills and Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Customer service skills
  • Standard office equipment training
  • Office etiquette
  • Dress for success
  • Positive first impressions in the workplace
  • Phone skills
  • Filing and document processing
  • Confidentiality & ethics in the workplace
  • Workplace safety
  • Team Building

As a sponsoring employer, what responsibilities do I have?

The 3 biggest responsibilities are:

  • Provide a positive working environment for the student
  • Provide a supervisor(s) who believes in the program and the success of Arrupe Jesuit students
  • Provide meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role

If I have a problem with the student do I deal with the student directly?

If there ever is an issue with a student at the work place, you can deal with that student directly as you would any employee. You can also contact the CWSP Office for support.

Why should a business participate in the program and how much does it cost?

The cost of the program is $29,200. There are many reasons to participate:

  • Be part of an innovative solution to the daunting education challenges that our society is dealing with
  • Work with a “turn-key” program that operates in a business-like fashion making participation easy
  • Enhance diversity, drive productivity and reduce other employee “burnout” from repetitive clerical assignments, by filling entry-level jobs with capable, enthusiastic young people from the center-city
  • Reduce costs - outsourcing a job costs less than hiring a single full-time employee
  • Use a reliable staffing alternative - CWSP provides transportation, screening, support and training
  • Generate higher job satisfaction – people appreciate making a difference in the lives of others and value working for a company that feels the same way
  • Groom members of our future workforce – creates relationships with a diverse student population that may become employees, clients, suppliers and friends
  • Provides greater potential for keeping a highly-educated, productive workforce in Colorado after college
  • Generates community awareness and stability by creating productive futures for “at risk” youth

Are there guarantees to ensure the success of the student and program?

Every student will receive one academic credit for the work program. CWSP staff members monitor student performance, through daily time cards that students and supervisors complete.  Every student is evaluated on his/her performance twice during the school year.  Although it rarely happens, students can be replaced if there are any serious issues or if work performance does not meet expectations.

What if my staff has never dealt with a teenager working in a professional office setting?

This is a very common question - you are not alone!  A CWSP staff member is assigned as your customer service representative to work with you to navigate any issues that arise.  Support resources and best practices events are available during the year.

Can a corporation hire a partial team? much as we would like a company to hire a full team of students, we want to help our partners meet a specific business need. Please reach out to CWSP for details.

What types of jobs do student workers perform?

Each student works one full (8 AM - 4 PM) day a week, five full days a month. The remaining four days of the week the student attends classes. Below is a sampling of the type of jobs and tasks that students perform.


       Perform data entry of purchase orders

       Assist with processing of accounts payable (verify vendor invoice and attach check to invoice)

       Assist in processing of expense reports and reconciliation of bank statements

       Allocate phone bills across various departments


       Serve as tour guides at public government venues

       Serve as office receptionists


       Scan credit documents

       Ensure completeness of credit files, prepare batches for off-site distribution

       Check transactions in offsite employee accounts: open statements, ID documents, code, scan and batch documents for shipment


       Serve as dental assistance (sterilize instruments, prep exam rooms)

       Assist with patient services in clinical settings (radiology, mammography, PACU)

       Work as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in long term care facilities

       Organize charts and records

       Update HIPPA forms

       Schedule and confirm patient appointments


       Process benefit notices and exit mailings

       Assist in preparations for recruiting job-fairs at college

       Process interview paperwork

       Perform data entry for commissions; research issues associated with payroll

       Reconcile HR data across multiple databases

       Assist with data management software, filing, process new hires and terminations

       Distribute and track evaluation forms

       Draft emails announcing career development programs

       Type “new hire” and “exit” letters

       Ensure completeness of immigration documents; scan and file these documents


       Coordinate equipment allocation, reallocation and equipment inventory

       Process orders for new equipment

       Perform help-desk triage

       Perform computer imaging tasks

       Install system software

       Program smartphones for office staff


       Prepare presentation materials

       Assist with client events; prepare name tags and marketing folders

       Update website and social media sites

       Perform data entry for lead-generation


       Provide translation services

       Handle mail delivery, copy room support 

       Provide back-up phone duty for main reception

       Maintain schedule for conference rooms; prepare rooms for meetings

       Manage office supplies inventory

       Assist in organizing library materials

       Prepare documentation for shipping items offsite