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School Profile


Arrupe Jesuit makes a college preparatory education an attainable goal for families, who due to financial need, do not have the opportunity to receive a private, Catholic school education.

  • Arrupe Jesuit serves 418 students from 386 households across 45 zip codes and 93 different feeder schools
  • 93% of our student body is Hispanic, 2% African-American, 2% Multiracial, 2% Caucasian, 0.5% Asian, and 0.5% Native American
  • 78% of Arrupe students qualified for federal free and reduced lunch for the 2021-2022 school year
  • As education costs continue to increase, Arrupe Jesuit maintains an affordable tuition and is the only school able to fund 100% of families’ assessed financial need
  • The average income for a family of four is $46,071

Preparing Students for Success in College and Beyond

  • 94% of the Class of 2021 are the first in their family to attend college and 70% were the first to graduate high school.
  • 100% of Arrupe Jesuit’s fifteen graduating classes were accepted into at least one college or university of their choice.
  • Members of the Class of 2021 are attending 22 different colleges and universities.
  • Our 1,073 alumni have earned over $103.7 million in scholarship dollars to date.
  • Our alumni maintain a 62% college persistence rate as of May 2021 (defined as either currently enrolled in college courses or have earned a degree or certificate).

Response to a critical community need

  • Only 1 in 3 students who start Denver Public Schools in 9th grade will graduate on time and go on to enroll in college.
  • 64% of African American and Latino students graduated from high school compared to 78% of Caucasian students.
  • Arrupe Jesuit helps to reverse these patterns by providing an affordable college preparatory education to hundreds of students who would not have this opportunity otherwise.

Unique Corporate Work Study Program

  • Students work one day per week at over 90 area businesses, including law firms, health centers, banks, government offices, and nonprofits.
  • Students earn approximately 50% of the cost of their education through the CWSP.
  • Students gain valuable work experience and are able to contribute to the cost of their education.
  • Students are employees of CWSP.  Arrupe Jesuit’s staff handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, workers’ compensation and other employer services for students.
  • Arrupe Jesuit trains the students, provides transportation to and from their job site, and works with partner organizations to assign motivated, enthusiastic student workers who can best meet an organization’s business needs.