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Pedro Arrupe Writing Challenge

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The Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ Writing Challenge is an opportunity for students to express in writing what principle or personal ethic is a driving factor in their lives.  It is meant to publicly recognize young people who reflect upon and write about their personal beliefs and values through the lens of their Jesuit Catholic education.



Ninth: Loving

Think about times you have experienced love, kindness, and generosity. At the time, you may not have recognized God’s friendship in these moments. Describe a time when you experienced love in your life and how it impacted you.

Tenth: Open to Growth

Thinking about your first two years at Arrupe Jesuit, what does it mean to be Open to Growth? How have you embraced this idea so far, and in what ways have you grown as a young person during your time here? Who or what inspires you to continue growing as a Man/Woman for Others?

Eleventh: Committed to Justice/Religious

Reflecting on your time at Arrupe, what is your definition of justice? What does it mean to be “Committed to Justice,” and how does that shape your worldview? How does the element of being Religious factor into that? How can you continue to be Committed to Justice at school, in your community, and beyond?

Twelfth: Work Experienced/Intellectually Competent

During your time at Arrupe, you’ve grown into a more Loving, Religious, and Intellectually Competent person who is Open to Growth and Committed to Justice. In your final year, what does it mean to be Work Experienced? How is that connected to being Intellectually Competent? What lessons will you take away from your CWSP experience, and how will that translate to life after Arrupe?

Read past editions of the finalist and winning essay booklets here: