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College Counseling


Arrupe Jesuit students set high expectations for themselves and graduate prepared to continue their education in college and beyond. Our college counselor works with students and families throughout their four years at Arrupe Jesuit to help them select appropriate schools, understand financial aid opportunities, and apply to three or more colleges by the time they graduate.

The 98 members of the Class of 2023, Arrupe Jesuit's 17th graduating class, are setting a strong example for future generations of Arrupe students:

  • 100% have been accepted into college
  • Will attend 18 different schools
    • 50 students will attend private schools
    • 45 students will attend Catholic colleges
  • 74% are the first generation in their families to graduate high school
  • 98% are the first generation in their families college bound
  • They have received scholarships totaling $21,067,093 (and counting!)
  • Special Scholarship Recognition:
    • 2 Full-Tuition Scholarships to Colorado School of Mines
    • 2 Loyola University Chicago Cristo Rey Scholarships
    • 1 Our Lady of the Lake - Futuro Scholarship
    • 14 Arrupe-Regis Scholarships
    • 1 Santa Clara University Cristo Rey Scholarship
    • 1 Dell Scholarship
    • 1 LAEF Scholarship
    • 1 Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship
    • 2 Latina's First Foundation Scholarships
    • 10 Daniels Fund Scholarships
    • 7 Deloitte Scholarships
    • 2 Gates Scholarships
    • 2 Greenhouse Scholarships
    • 1 Howley College Scholarship
    • 1 Paul Newland Scholarship- Hercules Industries, Inc.
    • 2 Porter Billups Scholarships
    • 1 Yes! Communities Scholarship

The following is a complete listing of the Colleges and Universities our graduates are attending or have attended: