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Professional Volunteers

Our People

We are thrilled to welcome four professional volunteers this school year through the Arrupe Jesuit Volunteer Program, ASC Volunteer Program & Colorado Vincentian Volunteer Program!

Alum Service Corps

The Alum Service Corps offers graduates of Jesuit high schools and Jesuit universities an opportunity to give back in gratitude for their Jesuit education by committing a year of service as faculty members in Jesuit middle or high schools. This year, 17 young men and women are serving at 6 Jesuit schools across the U.S. Central and Southern Province.

Alum Service Corps volunteers serve at Jesuit middle and high schools throughout Denver, Kansas City, and St. Louis.  Members of ASC live in community, commit to growth in the Ignatian tradition, and serve their students out of gratitude for their Jesuit education.

Typically, ASC volunteers teach two or three sections in an area of competence and immerse themselves throughout the life of the school: coaching, tutoring, club moderating, service programs, campus ministry, and driving.  ASC volunteers support students from a unique position and offer them a model of the Graduate at Graduation.

Get to know more about the program, or apply to join, through the Alumni Service Corp website and blog!

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

The Colorado Vincentian Volunteers are a community of faith and action that responds to the Gospel call in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. They are young men and women, ages 22-30, who serve the elderly, homeless, developmentally disabled, troubled youth and those who are poor. The year-long program offers an opportunity for spiritual, emotional, professional growth, and a way of discerning and living one’s Christian vocation.

Get to know more about the program, or apply to join, through the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers website!