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Employee of the Month


Tuesday: Sara

Tuesday: Sara

Sara consistently and thoroughly rises above. She is a stellar performer and always greets every project (no matter how mundane or complex) with a smile and an eagerness to learn and help. Her creativity is excellent and her solutions far exceed what is to be expected from a senior in high school. A comment was made just before an informal meeting recently. The comment was something to the effect that "no one likes high schoolers due to their immaturity and attitudes". In that moment we all stopped and looked at Sara. Someone finally broke the awkward silence and mentioned "but not you Sara because you are more like one of us." The truth, though brutally honest is that none of us were nearly as poised as Sara at her age nor did any of us have the clarity or direction which she does. This young woman is grooming herself for something bigger and it shows through everything she does. Whenever feedback is given to her, whether constructive or positive, she always tries to better herself. I see improvements not over extended periods of time, but even between her scheduled work days. She has earned the right to call herself an employee of the City Attorney’s Office and has captured the attention of the Denver City Attorney, Kristin Bronson. Kristin recently asked our Public Information Officer and former Channel 7 News Anchor, Ryan Luby, to do a column on Sara and on Arrupe’s Corporate Work Study Program. A senior in high school has captured the attention of a Mayoral Appointee – something of which not many, if any, of us can say the same. I know Sara will go far in this life if she is given the resources and tools to succeed. We are doing everything we can here at the CAO to invest in her professional development and will continue to do so until she leaves us around graduation. Sara has made my life at work much easier, especially as of lately through her hard work and self-motivation and she is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and crawl through the mud with us here on the Admin Team.