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CWSP Professional Development Days


Professional Development days are opportunities for Arrupe Jesuit students to participate in additional training for workplace skills development. These sessions are held after school on ½ days and are required for all students. They are grade level specific and address topics pertinent to both the age and time of year for each student group.

Professional Development days for the 2018/2019 school year are listed below. Click on each day to read more about the classes offered on each day, and sign up to join us on the form immediately following. CWSP staff will send all necessary plans and materials one week prior to the sessions.

  • October 17, 2018: Freshmen

    Workplace Safety

    The Workplace Safety workshop builds on students’ prior learnings of the topic and reinforces the importance of recognizing and respecting workplace rights, laws, and health/safety hazards. In addition to promoting the safety and well-being of our student workers, this workshop contributes to the fulfillment of Workplace Safety training mandated by the Department of Labor. Volunteers will lead the initial presentation on workplace safety topics and will then guide students through a game in which students work in small teams to identify safety hazards.


    Quick Conversations

    For the first session of the year, freshmen focus on communication skills because after only 2 or 3 work days, these first year students are still learning about their organizations and how to engage with others in unfamiliar settings. The goals for this time are to encourage students to sustain conversations with people they do not know and to utilize feedback from these conversations to improve their skills. This activity has a similar model to “speed dating” in that each freshman student will maintain a conversation for approximately 2 minutes with a volunteer. Conversation partners will switch every 2 minutes (AJHS staff will monitor time). Each block will have approximately 15 volunteers (a mix of adults and AJHS senior leaders) and 25 freshmen students. The Quick Conversations workshop is a wonderful opportunity to engage with our 9th grade students!

  • November 6, 2018: Juniors


    The Teamwork and Performance Goals workshop provides students the opportunity to both practice and identify expected performance measures in an active and team-oriented activity. Students will review the Cristo Rey Network Performance Evaluation in order to recognize expected workplace behaviors. They will then work in a team building exercise (Build a Race Course) in order to demonstrate and name the use of these behaviors during the activity. Finally, students will discuss, in small groups how they will commit to demonstrating one or two of the Performance Evaluation behaviors during these last few weeks of the semester.


    Communication and Collaboration

    This workshop will ask students to review basic communication styles (learned in a previous training session) as well as the fundamentals of collaboration. Facilitators will review communication styles in a large group setting and then students will work in small groups to explore the basics of collaboration. Each small group will develop a brief presentation about one element of collaboration in order to share with the larger group. Volunteer facilitators will provide the introductory overview of the topic and then serve as observers/support as the students work in small groups.

  • December 6, 2018: Sophomores

    Workplace Safety

    This workshop provides students with a review of Safety and Labor Law topics. Students will work in small groups to develop a fictional scenario that demonstrates a workplace safety or labor law issue. They will present their story to the larger group.


    Growth Mindset

    The Growth Mindset workshop introduces students to the concept that our brains continuously grow and change; as such, with effort and perseverance, we can achieve success in many areas, despite mistakes, failures, or inexperience. Emphasis will be placed on identifying growth vs fixed mindsets and reflecting on how a growth mindset affects our workplace experiences. Facilitators will lead the overview presentation and provide guidance during group work.

  • January 11, 2019: Freshmen

    Workplace Safety Superheros

    Students will work in small groups, using prior knowledge, to develop a “Safety Superhero” that can protect workers against various workplace “evils.” Facilitators will help explain the exercise, monitor group work, and provide feedback on group presentations.


    Resume Review and Refinement

    Students will update their current resumes and letters of introduction to reflect their most recent experience. Volunteers will help students review, update and refine these documents.

  • March 5, 2019: Sophomores

    Skills Builder Bingo

    Skills Builder Bingo is an opportunity for students to perform work-related tasks while also demonstrating time management, accuracy, and interpersonal skills.  Students will use a bingo card to keep track of different tasks. Volunteer facilitators will engage with students in multiple ways, including practicing simple conversations, giving feedback on introductions and other work products, and reviewing and verifying completion of projects.


    Resume Review and Refinement

    Students will be updating their current resume and letter of introduction to reflect their most recent experience. Volunteers will be helping students review, update and refine these documents.

  • April 8, 2019: Juniors

    Resume Review and Refinement

    Students will be updating their current resume and letter of introduction to reflect their most recent experience. Volunteers will be helping students review, update and refine these documents.


    Networking Workshop

    The Networking Workshop is an opportunity for students to learn about and practice introductory networking skills. Students and volunteers will mingle in a mock networking event. Students will practice introducing themselves, sustaining basic conversations, and asking for business cards to develop professional connections. Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet students and provide feedback during conversations.

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