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Employee of the Month


Thursday: Jasmin

Thursday: Jasmin

In 2018, Colorado Nonprofit Association worked to pass a bill into law that creates a new system for charitable giving through state income tax filing. 5,000 nonprofits will now be eligible to receive funding from tax refunds. Colorado is the first state to offer such broad choices to tax payers. This ground-breaking system requires education and training to be held to thousands of nonprofits across the state. The Association mailed 5,000 (yes, 5,000) letters to these nonprofits informing them of the various training opportunities across the state – and we couldn’t have done it without Jasmin! She spent hours, days even, folding letters and stuffing envelopes. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? Stuffing envelopes. But it is a HUGE deal. HUGE. Jasmin’s work helped us spread the word to nonprofits across the state – and we’re seeing record-breaking training registration numbers. I’ll add this – we love having Jasmin as part of our team. She is engaging, happy and a true team player.