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The promise of Arrupe Jesuit High School is the promise of opportunity. The opportunity offered allows students to work for their own college preparatory, Catholic education. The opportunity offered helps our young people to be the first in their family to attend college. The opportunity offered empowers students to build a future that might otherwise be impossible. Arrupe Jesuit High School provides these opportunities for its students on a daily basis. Opportunity is what sets Arrupe Jesuit apart.

Our unique Corporate Work Study Program allows our students to pursue their educational dreams while learning about the corporate community where they will one day work. Work and study make Arrupe Jesuit students successful. This unique approach to schooling sets our students apart.

Each week, the newspapers feature new reports chronicling the challenges faced by schools servicing urban communities. At Arrupe Jesuit High School, we have designed a program that meets these challenges by combining excellent classroom instruction with meaningful community partnerships. As a Jesuit Catholic school, Arrupe Jesuit is committed to forming students of all faiths in the Jesuit tradition of men and women for others.

Every young person deserves an opportunity.This is our mission, to give each student who comes to Arrupe Jesuit the opportunity to earn a college degree, to return to their communities as tomorrow's leaders, this is our hope.