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Employee of the Month


Wednesday: Lesley

Wednesday: Lesley

Lesley has this incredible work-ethic that comes naturally--it’s never forced or false. She is this beam of light when she comes to work. The teams that she works with, which include project coordinators, project accountants and marketing constantly ask for her when they know it’s her day to come in. She brings not only great efficiency and accuracy to every project she takes on, but also an amazing “I can do whatever you need” attitude consistently. We have never had to ask her about her cell phone or breaks, etc. as she’s just very professional all the time. When she completes a project she doesn’t just settle for being done, but asks around to see what her next assignment or task is. We know that Lesley recently went through a personal loss with her step-father. Her resilience and character during that time was that of a much older, mature person, not wanting the loss to affect her work ethic. We have enjoyed being able to come around her during that time and support her.