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Employee of the Month


Wednesday: Eleazar

Wednesday: Eleazar

We believe that Eleazar should be considered for the Employee of the Month recognition because he has been an asset to Aspect in more ways than one. Over the summer he played a vital role in helping our Geology team get ready for our large office move across downtown. Since then we have noticed great improvements in his performance. Initially, Eleazar had a hard time staying focused, but he took our feedback to heart, and he has been able to improve and generate great results! He succeeds when he is provided with the right tools to do so. Eleazar is very polite and professional. He takes his work seriously and is always looking for ways to improve. He has also started to build relationships with the team and is developing the skills to build relationships with several different people! He always has a positive attitude, is always willing to step in and help with whatever tasks need to be completed, he is reliable and has a strong sense of teamwork.