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About the Program


Arrupe Jesuit High School is in its 17th year, with over 130 corporate partners in the Denver metro area. The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is an integral part of an Arrupe Jesuit education. Students fill entry-level office positions in banking, law, medicine, finance and many other exciting career fields. The CWSP experience provides tremendous opportunity for economically disadvantaged students to get a college-prep education, while at the same time giving partner organizations a very economical hiring alternative for entry-level office positions.

How CWSP Works

Partner organizations contract with CWSP to fill full-time, entry level jobs. The fee-for-service contractual period spans approximately ten months from the middle of August to the first week in June. These jobs are paid positions, with the money earned paid directly to Arrupe CWSP to cover nearly 50% of the students’ tuition cost. Students are employees of CWSP. Arrupe CWSP staff members provide customer support in addition to handling all payroll, W-4, I-9, workers’ compensation and other employer issues for the students. CWSP trains the students, provides transportation, and works with hiring organizations to assign motivated, enthusiastic student workers who can best meet your business needs!

Jobs That Student Workers Perform

Each student works one full (8 AM - 4 PM) day a week, five full days a month. The remaining four days of the week the student attends classes. Below is a sampling of the type of jobs and tasks that students perform.


  • Perform data entry of purchase orders
  • Assist with processing of accounts payable (verify vendor invoice and attach check to invoice)
  • Assist in processing of expense reports and reconciliation of bank statements
  • Allocate phone bills across various departments

Customer Relations

  • Serve as tour guides at public government venues
  • Serve as office receptionists

Finance, Middle Office, and Compliance Functions

  • Scan credit documents
  • Ensure completeness of credit files, prepare batches for off-site distribution
  • Check transactions in offsite employee accounts: open statements, ID documents, code, scan and batch documents for shipment


  • Serve as dental assistance (sterilize instruments, prep exam rooms)
  • Assist with patient services in clinical settings (radiology, mammography, PACU)
  • Work as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in long term care facilities
  • Organize charts and records
  • Update HIPPA forms
  • Schedule and confirm patient appointments

Human Resources

  • Process benefit notices and exit mailings
  • Assist in preparations for recruiting job-fairs at college
  • Process interview paperwork
  • Perform data entry for commissions; research issues associated with payroll
  • Reconcile HR data across multiple databases
  • Assist with data management software, filing, process new hires and terminations
  • Distribute and track evaluation forms
  • Draft emails announcing career development programs
  • Type “new hire” and “exit” letters
  • Ensure completeness of immigration documents; scan and file these documents


  • Coordinate equipment allocation, reallocation and equipment inventory
  • Process orders for new equipment
  • Perform help-desk triage
  • Perform computer imaging tasks
  • Install system software
  • Program smartphones for office staff

Marketing and Business Development

  • Prepare presentation materials
  • Assist with client events; prepare name tags and marketing folders
  • Update website and social media sites
  • Perform data entry for lead-generation

Office Services

  • Provide translation services
  • Handle mail delivery, copy room support 
  • Provide back-up phone duty for main reception
  • Maintain schedule for conference rooms; prepare rooms for meetings
  • Manage office supplies inventory
  • Assist in organizing library materials
  • Prepare documentation for shipping items offsite