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COVID-19 Updates

Ways to Support AJHS Through COVID-19

Student Emergency Fund

These funds are made available, through our Mental Health Counseling Department, to respond to the needs of families and students. From rent to groceries to job loss, the immense burden of financial responsibility to those living on the margins is alleviated through this fund, allowing our young students to feel safe and secure. This feeling of security at home is paramount to success in the classroom and at work.

General Support

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll have clarity around what this crisis means for Arrupe Jesuit High School. We anticipate that our need to provide financial aid to families will increase, that some of our long-time CWSP partners may need time to recover before continuing to invest financially in our students, and we know that we’ll need to hire additional faculty to teach summer school to more students than normal given the challenges this virtual learning environment brings. The generosity of our community ensures that we can still care for our students, faculty, and staff in a meaningful way as our mission remains strong and our need to deliver our services to students is foundational.

Endowment Fund

A world-wide pandemic was something none of us expected and demonstrates the power of strategic reserves. The Student Tuition Assistance Reserve (STAR) Endowment Fund supports, preserves, and sustains our mission. Further, endowed scholarships make possible this education to students regardless of how their family’s ability to pay has changed. Endowed programs or faculty positions also position Arrupe Jesuit for long-term sustainability to weather this short-term storm. 


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