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Employee of the Month


Thursday: Jovani

Thursday: Jovani

Jovani worked with us last year and started a water quality dataset. When we learned he was returning for a second year, we were excited because we knew his strong work ethic and attention to detail would be instrumental in completing this dataset. The dataset will be used to analyze the effects of coal mines on the water quality of rivers throughout Colorado. Jovani has proven to be a valuable team member on this project because he is good at identifying errors and/or missing data. Jovani is also proficient in using ArcMap, a complex mapping program. We have come to rely on him to digitize maps and georeference them to their proper coordinates. Jovani’s work with ArcMap is always accurate, consistent and timely. In addition to these skills, Jovani is personable and joy to have in the office. All of our staff enjoys working with him. Jovani continues to be an outstanding performer and should be recognized for his skills and awesome work.