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The Junior Class has been working on a Vacant Lot Capstone project and will be presenting their projects at our first-ever Junior Capstone Walkabout. We hope you'll join us as a volunteer to hear about their projects and evaluate their work.

What is the Vacant Lot Capstone? The Vacant Lot Capstone is a project based design-project that asks Junior students to look at a vacant lot in their community and determine what should fill that space that would create value for that specific community. 
Day Of Logistics: Our Juniors are excited to present their ideas during our Capstone Walkabout. The setup will look very similar to what science fairs have looked like in the past, but with a twist. Students will have their display boards set up at tables around Arrupe; and will be ready to talk with volunteers about their work. 
Here’s where the twist comes in. Upon entering, volunteers will be given a stack of “Empowered Dollars”, which they will award to student presentations based on their evaluation of their work. Each “dollar” earned will be put into a raffle and is a chance for the students to win one of several gift certificates. The Juniors have been working hard, doing lots of research and brainstorming on their Vacant Lots, and are very excited for our very first Junior Capstone Day!

Junior Capstone Walkabout - Friday, May 14

9:00-11:00 AM in the Arrupe Jesuit Cafeteria

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