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Employee of the Month


Wednesday: Marcos

Wednesday: Marcos

Mr. Montoya has been an exceptional employee as part of the Cimarex IT department. Having spent 3 semesters with us, he has learned the ins and outs of many complex tasks. He is able to unbox a computer from Dell, fill out the paperwork needed for our inventory system, and image the computer with the appropriate operating system with no supervision! I am able to send him to an employee’s desk and begin troubleshooting issues. He is able to solve them or ask for help by giving me details of what he has found/what he has already tried. His troubleshooting skills have increased steadily as he spends more time with us. When asked to install new computer hardware for an employee, Marcos is able to gather all the required equipment needed and complete the task on his own. He comes in and gets going on his morning duties without being asked and is able to think on his feet. His verbal communication skills have improved dramatically over that last 3 semesters with us. He has more confidence and is able to communicate with employees in a positive engaging manner. When he sees something that needs to be done he goes for it. I am very proud of Marcos and all that he has learned while working at Cimarex Energy Co.