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Employee of the Month


Wednesday: Mangok

Wednesday: Mangok

Mangok has been working as a technician here at Groundwork Greens Greenhouse for almost eight months, first as a part of Groundwork Denver's Green Team, then as a student employee from Arrupe. In this time, he has demonstrated over and over that he is a valuable asset to any team. He has a good attitude, works hard, stays on task, and learns quickly.

At this point, Mangok knows greenhouse operations well enough to not only complete tasks without instruction, but also looks carefully to see what else needs to be done, and often gets started on propagation, cultivation, cleaning and sanitation jobs without being asked or directed. I can honestly say he is a HUGE help to me here at the greenhouse, and I feel very lucky to have him here five days a month. I believe Mangok deserves to be recognized for his efforts, and would love to see him honored as employee of the month.