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Employee of the Month


Tuesday: Luz

Tuesday: Luz

Luz has always been an outstanding employee, mentor to others, and is an all-around beautiful person. She has a passion for learning and has taken on many extra tasks and responsibilities in her time with us. Luz has a huge heart and strives to do everything she can to help others. She has helped us make an Arrupe training book for current and future students, and provides regular feedback on how we can help teach other students. She has always been interested in learning more about Dentistry, taking home books to read on her own time and even participating in procedures with patients, using her compassionate and friendly nature to calm others. We’ve loved having her here and know Luz will do great things with her future! Luz is the BOMB! She does a fantastic job for us each and every day. She has a smile on her face all the time. Her personality is infectious. We are going to miss her like crazy when she is gone but we know she will succeed in whatever path she chooses.