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Employee of the Month


Thursday: TJ

Thursday: TJ

Thomas (TJ) has been working in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department for over 8 months and in that time he has been a significant contributor to the EHS Team. He began with clerical work and quickly advanced into more challenging and independent tasks. He helped with the implementation of our new iPad based Building Safety Inspection Program, which included, entering system components and icons, beta testing and troubleshooting. Recently he has learned to upload communications to our Google based website such as EHS Newsletter, Safety Dashboard, and OSHA Make-up Training. After minimal guidance, he has successfully mastered the development of our monthly EHS Newsletter in PowerPoint. He quickly learned and can be relied on to accurately enter our sustainability data into our tracking software program, specifically our complicated utility usage and costs. TJ is a pleasure to work with and interacts in a mature manner, asking relevant questions that help him complete.