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Employee of the Month


Thursday: Ahtziri

Thursday: Ahtziri

Ahtziri has been a blessing to have in the office. In the one month she has been here, she has surprised us with her level of ease and comfort with the work and with our staff. Usually with our Arrupe students, we expect to have to train them for some time before they are ready to answer phones and man the front desk, but this has not been the case. Ahtziri has shown initiative and eagerness at being able to help where she is needed and to learn along the way. During our meeting to discuss her goals for the school year, I noticed she marked all 5s for each of the categories. I explained to her that a 3 was meeting expectations and that it meant you were doing what you were supposed to do. I also explained that a 5 meant she had to go beyond the expectations. After my explanation she confirmed that she was indeed going to strive for a 5. I was very happy to see such determination in such a young person. Ahtziri has definitely earned a 5 in determination so far.