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Employee of the Month


Wednesday: Juan

Wednesday: Juan

Initially, Juan was very reserved. Since then he has opened up and now freely expresses his thoughts. Juan has learned how to reconfigure iPads for our pilots who are either transitioning from one aircraft type to another or are newly hired to our company. He has shared that while he enjoys doing this work, he realizes that he has a preference to be physically active at work. He has worked in our mailroom delivering packages and has assisted in helping us physically move from one location to another. Most importantly he has a positive attitude. During slower time periods, he takes the initiative to ask what else can be done and what additional work he can do. At the end of the day, he is able to articulate what work he has done and what he enjoyed or learned each day. I recently asked, "how was your day"? and his reply was "AMAZING!" This great attitude coupled with the fact that he is very respectful towards others and takes initiative to find work makes him worthy of this nomination!