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Employee of the Month


Thursday: Citlalli

Thursday: Citlalli

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Citlalli to be nominated for employee of the month. Citlalli is polite, respectful and very professional. She works well and needs little, if any supervision. She has been with us for three years and has worked in Development, Accounting and Human Resources. This year she is working in the Environment Sustainability Department. I placed her in this department because the department needed someone that was a quick learner and good with details. Her job is to take data from utility invoices for the properties and put into a spreadsheet. She also covers the front desk and the phones for me during my breaks. This past summer we hired Citlalli for two weeks to help me out with some small projects that needed to get done. I ended up being out of the office for those two weeks due to a family emergency and she stepped up to the plate and did my job. I want to say that Citlalli has matured into a young woman from the Freshman I met three years ago.