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Employee of the Month


Friday: Karina

Friday: Karina

An honor, such as Student Employee of the Month is long overdue for Karina. She’s really a hero here. We’ve become so comfortable with her performance here, we have to often step back and understand Karina is a student worker here and not an actual employee. She does so well unsupervised, that we’ve been spoiled by her dedication to and knowledge of our program. We did not hire her during a formal interview process, though her work constantly suggests this very thing. Whether it as our relief receptionist, scanner, data entry clerk or whatever sporadic task she’s assigned, Karina honestly has never, ever let us down the two years she’s been with us. Student/Employee of the Month is not only very necessary for Karina, it’s long overdue.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Karina for Employee of the Month. Karina has been a wonderful addition to our staff for the last two years. As a relief receptionist, she is often the first person our customers meet and her professional and courteous customer service is a complement to our program. Karina’s skill set of a strong work ethic, self-motivation and attention to detail were instrumental in completing a large, independent research project. Karina successfully researched plant seed prices on several hundred plant species. These seed prices were entered in a database used to calculate reclamation cost estimates that can be worth several million dollars. Karina continues to be an outstanding performer and should be recognized for her skills and awesome work.